Who is Shantanu Swaraj?


We live in a technologically driven society. Gone are the days of advertisement and marketing through pamphlets or radio stations. Digital media dominantly handle the art and science of marketing through the process of digital marketing. Hailing from Bengaluru, Karnataka, India’s technological capital, Shantanu Swaraj is a young and promising entrepreneur. CEO and Founder of a Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency that goes by the name “Influencivepress Digital Media”, Shantanu Swaraj has established a marketing brand that seems propitious. His company was officially recognized as a startup by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) which was incorporated on 8th October 2018. Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited has its headquarters based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India. 

For Shantanu Swaraj, it all started in 2011 with blogging. He used to blog on a free platform for blogging called “Blogspot”. He also happened to have an affinity for programming. However, for reasons unknown, he ceased to update his blog. After a span of 5 years, he resumed it in the year 2016. The first three blogs posted by him failed to see success since he was not well acquainted and adept with the skills required for content marketing and SEO. Any content produced needs leverage to make it more accessible to the public. Promotional strategies essentially work to provide creators and brands with a higher engagement and there’s no better tactic in this department than Search Engine Optimization. SEO works by boosting the content in a way so that it occupies the top spots in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Shantanu Swaraj believed if he could acquire these skills and specialize in them, he would achieve success. An entrepreneurial heart, Shantanu Swaraj had always possessed the urge to start his own business but lacked the necessary capital required for his venture. He would google ways to make money online and fortunately, landed on a couple of freelancing websites. On finding out how high the demand for Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) happened to be, Shantanu Swaraj began to gather knowledge regarding these marketing strategies and learning them diligently. YouTube is brimming with information and one can practically learn anything and everything from YouTube. Shantanu Swaraj would spend his time watching thousands of videos on SEO and Digital Marketing on YouTube and reading hundreds of articles on Quora, the latter here providing more personalized information. 

Gradually, after he honed and developed his skills, he began offering Digital Marketing services to other brands and content creators as a freelancer. There is no teacher better than practical experience. While freelancing, Shantanu Swaraj would constantly learn new techniques, strategies, and ways to improve himself while gathering the capital necessary for him to establish his own business venture, something he could not do previously due to the lack of money. With the knowledge and money he earned while freelancing, he commenced his much-awaited business and started the digital media agency of Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited.

Small and budding content creators, businesses, and brands require good marketing, SEO, and other promotional services for their content. Since the market is extremely competitive, it is highly improbable for brands to acquire success without a catalyst. Social media tends to work on an algorithm which is not very beneficial for the smaller creators. Gen-Z requires a Gen-Z marketing agency that will cater to their needs and Shantanu Swaraj’s company is capable of providing exactly that. In order to create an audience despite intense competition and the presence of brands much bigger, the smaller brands require help from media agencies or people that specialize in social media and digital marketing. Shantanu Swaraj possesses a plethora of skills in this department and his versatility is astonishing. He expertizes in:

  • Web Development/Design and Branding
  • Paid Search (PPC or Google Adwords)
  • Organic Search (SEO)
  • Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Coding (Programming Languages, Frontend, Backend, Databases, Testing Frameworks)
  • Graphic Designing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Influencer Marketing
Shantanu Swaraj
Shantanu Swaraj – Founder & CEO of Influencivepress Digital Media


Shantanu Swaraj is a growth hacker. A growth hacker is someone who uses cost-efficient and creative ways to create brand awareness, build a customer base, retain older customers and promote a brand or a business. This is a relatively novel concept and tactic in the field of marketing. Shantanu Swaraj has worked with over 10 brands from all around the globe and now, has acquired his own client base to help them promote their businesses and brands. He is open to helping businesses achieve coverage on top-tier publications. 

Influencivepress Digital Media (OPC) Private Limited has spent approximately 2 years in the digital world providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services in Ranchi. It is a highly promising digital marketing agency for 2021 since a significant number of brands will need to retain their customers which they have lost during the global pandemic. With the rise of the Instagram influencer culture, Influencivepress falls under a highlighted spot since their services are highly capable of helping out newer influencers and content creators by increasing their engagement. 

The SEO Services provided by Shantanu Swaraj and his company will help the customers of the brands he’s promoting trust those brands because people find it easier to trust content available at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) compared to the content available in the latter search pages. Rather, the average person goes through a maximum of the first five pages of the search, the minimum being the first few links from the first page. This way, a lot of quality content tends to get lost if it is not optimized properly and thus, the need for SEO services stands. 

A collaborative process of work amongst a team of young and creative minds with great ambition yields better, higher, and more coherent results. Shantanu Swaraj works alongside other Influencivepress Digital Media team members to make this company the highly efficient agency that it happens to be. 

Contact Shantanu Swaraj for Business Collaboration:

LinkedIn: ishantanuswaraj
Company email: [email protected]
Contact: +91 7903905569
Facebook: @ishantanuswaraj
Twitter: @ishantanuswaraj
Instagram: @ishantanuswaraj
Company Website: www.influencivepress.com