A global pandemic has been upon us since the past 9 months and India hasn’t been able to handle the economic situation particularly well. The country is in recession, the job sectors have been crumbling and there is widespread unemployment. What does one do in a situation like this to earn a livelihood? With enough capital, you could have a startup venture or start a small business and promote itself in a cost effective way with the help of Email Marketing.

Here, we are going to talk about: 

  • What is EMail Marketing?
  • Personalization of Emails to create Brand Loyalty.
  • E-mail Service Provider (ESP)
  • How Emails are an efficient marketing strategy for businesses.
  • Engagement and Reliability. 
  • Conclusion

What is EMail Marketing?

A business must build a customer base to function. It needs to create brand awareness in order to ensure customer loyalty. How does it do that? Through the age ole method of marketing and advertising but, a business promoting itself via hoardings and billboards or other promotional campaigns of this nature falls in a tangent far away from that of cost efficiency. That’s something small businesses cannot afford to do. So, they use e-mails which just so happens to be extremely cheap, fluid and highly efficient because here, the business is sending bulk e-mails to a large audience instead of making heavy investments for advertising.A way the company finds a target audience to send the bulk mails to would be through the much popular pop-up notification you would stumble across on the internet. “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”, “Do you want to regularly receive emails from site: Accept/Decline”. It takes one click and now the company has your mail ID alongside the IDs of various others who clicked on “Accept”. With this information, the mails are sent out to the mass.

Email Marketing for businesses in 2024 is the best and most efficient marketing strategy. This is the age of technology, we are constantly glued to our phones 24/7 so when we receive a mail, we immediately see the notification and are highly susceptible to checking it if it’s alluring enough, causing this type of marketing system to be cheap with a high return on investment (ROI). Apart from the smaller businesses, other established businesses are also suffering tremendous losses due to the economic recession. 

Personalization of Emails to create Brand Loyalty

Smaller businesses need to build a customer base and acquire customer loyalty while other, larger businesses need to get back their previous customers. Email Marketing does this effectively with the help of personalized mails. A generic email might not catch your attention but an e-mail with your name in it? Count me in! People like community, relatability and an informal setting so personalized mails are the perfect way to build a loyal customer base or get older customers to return. You have probably had shopping sites send you mails that say “Hey <insert name>, do you remember us? We miss you!” Or when that pizza joint tells you that they miss you and now you’re compelled to order a pizza because it’s pizza! It’s irresistible! Thus, with a mail that was extremely cheap to send, they’re procuring a hefty sale since the average person like us cannot resist a good cheese, onion and barbeque chicken pizza.

E-Mail Service Provider (ESP)

Businesses that send a high volume of mails at once get to use an E-mail Service Provider (ESP). This ESP helps gather information regarding the behavior of the customers who are going to receive the mail. Apps are always tracking the digital footprints of its users and presenting them with ads accordingly. This is precisely why when you access Facebook or YouTube, you get come across ads selling the product you have been looking for. ESP works similarly and this amps up the personalization factor in the e-mails.

How Emails are an efficient marketing strategy for businesses

Email Marketing for businesses in 2024 will be highly essential for both small businesses as well as for the well-established ones. The pandemic has resulted in them losing a good portion of their customer base, decreased brand awareness and caused the businesses to lose employees and a lot of money. With the regular form of marketing, one can’t keep track of how many people are actually consuming the message. If you run a business and you have paid for billboards and magazine ads, you would not get to know how many people are actually spending time learning about your business. A feedback system is very important in order to increase efficiency.There is a large communication gap between the buyer and the seller here but with Email Marketing, the companies are getting to track the ROI, find out the percentage of the mails that are directly filtered into spam, use hyperlinks to boost engagement and have an aesthetically appealing and communicative mail format which aids their audience interaction. These e-mails are created and formatted to look good and appealing on mobiles because a dominant majority of the public checks their mails from their phones.

Engagement and Reliability

When a business is constantly engaging with the public via a format as accessible as mails, they are creating brand awareness for themselves. People are likely to remember the particular business that interacts with them actively. This also makes those businesses more reliable and trustworthy compared to businesses that do not personally engage with its audience much. Transactional e-mail is also a form of marketing. It’s the follow up e-mail that you receive while ordering goods online. OTP texts, confirmation messages and receipts are categorized under transactional e-mails. This helps create a safe environment for the customers because they can track what is happening with their money and thus, helping with brand loyalty.


The customer must consent to receiving the e-mails, otherwise, the mail will get filtered and end up in spam, so, businesses must have appealing ways by which they get the people to subscribe to their newsletters. The better a business is with its marketing, the better chance it has to trump over its competitors. Email Marketing for businesses in 2024 is going to be key in the way businesses promote themselves in order to stay ahead in the game.