Brands have begun making podcasts of their own to help assemble their crowd and encourage brand partiality. Whenever you’ve made a fantastic podcast for your business, how would you ensure individuals “see” it? You will need to utilize social media. 

The web is packed with things to peruse, watch, and listen to — so, it’s significant for you to locate your corner, or specialty as we like to call it, regardless of how huge or little and advance your content there. 

Let’s take a deep dive into all the ways that social media can help advance to promote your podcasts.

Social media best practices to promote your podcasts

Keep promotion near and close to home 

For a B2B or B2C business, the objective of making a podcast is that your crowd gets more opportunities to invest energy and time with your brand and manufacture propensity for it. When considering your social media methodology, all the choices you make ought to administer that objective.

One inquiry you may be posing off the bat is whether your podcast should have its social profiles. As far as sources can tell, the appropriate response is no — at least for most B2B organizations making podcasts, and particularly when you’re only beginning. 

Your marked social profiles have a crowd of people that has just communicated interest in your business and content. Why not influence that current crowd? Beginning without any preparation can be a long and rough street contrasted with depending on your proven fans. It will likewise help improve your show’s relationship with your general brand — which is, at last, what you’re going for. 

Another disadvantage of building new social profiles for a new show is that your idea hasn’t been demonstrated, and your crowd probably won’t be huge enough to help devoted pages. You’d twofold your group’s remaining task at hand for an idea that hasn’t been checked. 

As your show develops and your crowd develops, there may be a case for breaking out of the brand pages and building up a novel presence — but by and large, your marked content ought to sit with your set up pages and crowds. 

While advancing your podcast via social media, you’re indeed growing your business by the day’s end. The web recording is an augmentation of your image, not a brand all by itself.

Make social posts dependent on each episode 

Since you realize where to promote your podcast content, the inquiry is — what do you encourage? 

You don’t stand out enough to be noticed for long via social media, so you need to ensure that you benefit from the time you have. While creating your social media posts, you need to pull out the most intriguing goodies of every episode. You can take a gander at each post you make about your podcast practically like the first sentence of a story. It’s a snare that lures supporters and fans to devour more. 

In case you’re not a portion of the production process itself, still, ensure you tune in to each episode from beginning to end so you can comprehend the narrative and distinguish critical themes. What are the supporting thoughts? Did your visitor spout about their adorable canine? Did they share the anecdote about how they previously broke into their present industry? Ask yourself — why would somebody need to tune in to this scene? From that answer, begin to construct your social media content.

Platform-specific components for podcast promotion

Every social media platform/stage has its one of a kind showcasing highlights. Facebook began the pattern with occasion pages and gatherings, yet now there’s something to use on pretty much every stage that can help get your podcast content before more individuals. 

Here are some highlights to consider while promoting your podcast via social media. 


In case you advance your podcast via online media, we propose utilizing video as your essential medium. More than 500 million individuals watch videos on Facebook consistently. That is plenty of watchers! With that, the average commission rate for recordings on Facebook is 6.13%. It may seem like a low rate, yet when you’re working with a group of people of 500 million, 6% still presents some very great chances of somebody drawing in with your content. 

So in light of this, make video substance to advance your web recording. Rather than merely posting a brief snippet, film the chronicle meetings and utilize a video clasp of you in the studio. Or then again, attempt a Headliner-style realistic (we visited about this one before) to promptly stand apart on the feed. 

Facebook is additionally an extraordinary stage to re-reason the interesting substance you previously made for promotion. The blooper reel or entertaining alter you made can be displayed here. Upload the video with an amusing inscription and pin the post to the top of the timeline. That way, whenever somebody goes to your page, they’re welcomed with a giggle and motivation to remain for additional. 


Pinning a tweet consequently sticks that post to the top of your feed so that it’s the primary thing somebody sees when they get to your profile. What’s more, it truly helps support commitment! After a trial Buffer ran, they found that pinned tweets lead to 10x more changes. 

To get more eyes on your podcast, pick a tweet about your most played episode or the tweet that declared the series. It’s what individuals will see the most; you need to ensure you’re putting your best tweet forward. 


Go live on LinkedIn! A few different stages, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, have explored other avenues regarding and dispatched ‘live’ highlights throughout the long term. While the ‘novelty’ has some degree worn off on other platforms, LinkedIn Live is still reasonably underutilized and an extraordinary method to catch consideration and develop your expert audience. 

When you go live, LinkedIn consequently informs/notify every individual who likes your business page. Host a live account of a scene or hold a live occasion to declare your podcast’s introduction. It may appear to be out of the case, yet with regards to advancing your podcast, why not create the greatest sprinkle you can? As of now, you have an incredible crowd, and the more you draw in with them, the more possibilities they need to construct their penchant for you. 


While advancing your podcast on Instagram, use Instagram Stories. There are a lot of underlying tools that will keep your crowd locked in and engaged. 

One element that is especially useful for creating a buzz is the countdown sticker. While promoting another cast, make a story a couple of days before it drops and add the countdown sticker. At that point, your supporters will have the option to tap on the countdown, set an update for when it completes, and get a notice when your new episode is delivered. 

Other Instagram tips include adding a site to your podcast directly in your profile bio, displaying video or sound bites as presents on allure audience members, and promoting content with a devoted hashtag.

For the record, hashtags are successful on all social media platforms — but their degree of adequacy changes regularly. To keep awake to date on which ones work best, consistently google the top-performing hashtags for your industry. That way, you generally stay steady over the calculation!